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Brain Fog Cures and Treatments: The 6 Best Supplements for Brain Fog

September 22, 2017

brain fog cures and treatments

By Dr. Keerthy Sunder

Feeling Less Than Optimal?

You are not alone.

To be honest, more people are self-reporting a cluster of symptoms that medical professionals are starting to take seriously. So, if you are concerned about:

  1. Decreases in mental clarity
  2. Lapses in memory or recall
  3. Difficulty processing information

…you’re in the right place. It could be that you’re experiencing a condition called “brain fog”.

More here on the main causes of brain fog…and its treatment. Then, we invite your questions about brain fog at the end. Please write in! We try to respond to all real-life scenarios with a personal response.

What The Doctors Say

“Brain fog is a real condition. But I think of best treatments for the brain as bi-directional. Not only can you influence what is coming out of the brain, you can affect your health by changing what you put into it.”
- Dr. Keerthy Sunder, MD
Director, The Mind & Body Treatment Institute

I do not believe that this constellation of symptoms fits into any known “mental illness” or dementia, and that is why I believe brain fog is a separate health condition that needs to be investigated more.
- Dr. Lawrence Wilson, MD


Brain Fog Definition

There is currently no medical definition or precise diagnosis for the condition of “brain fog”. Still, medical professionals recognize a cluster of symptoms that occur during instances when people self-report problems with brain processing. To date, brain fog manifests itself as any combination of the following symptoms:

  • confusion
  • depression
  • difficulty processing information
  • difficulty expressing your thoughts
  • lack of concentration
  • fuzzy thinking
  • poor memory
  • trouble focusing

Many people wonder whether brain fog is curable. The answer to your question is: YES, brain fog can be addressed. Continue reading for possible medical causes and how nutritional supplements can help.

Why Brain Fog?

Brain fog occurs when the nervous system is chemically imbalanced. Some possible medical causes of brain fog can include:

  • Autoimmune diseases, such as Lupus
  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
  • Decreased blood or circulation to the brain
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Hormonal changes throughout your life cycle (Menopause)
  • Leaky Gut Syndrome

Still, “brain fog” remains a fairly murky and imprecise medical term. Regardless, most of us can agree that it does not occur as a result of balance; something has to be out of balance in the entire system that causes mental clouding. More specifically, we can think of brain fog as a manifestation of central nervous system (CNS) toxicity.

Toxicity is defined as the presence of a chemical substance or a particular mixture of substances that damage cells, tissues, or organs.

But take hope!

Whether brain fog is caused by lack of blood, inhibited nerve activity, or hormones…brain fog can be balanced out!

Can Supplements Cure Brain Fog?

“Cure” is a very loaded word.

However, yes. We believe that nutritional supplements can greatly contribute to clearing up brain fog. Specifically, brain fog supplements can help people who are good shape, who have not been diagnosed with a chronic illness, and are living a healthy, active lifestyle. In these cases, supplements can address the fairly common cases of:

  1. Digestive efficiency.
  2. Circulation to the brain.
  3. Maintenance of nerve cells.

But brain fog can mainly be the result of inappropriate food digestion. According to Dr. David Perlmutter, a board-certified neurologist and Fellow of the American College of Nutrition,

The food we eat affects our mind and body. Thus, proper supplementation can improve the gut-brain connection. Working on your gut health will bring you closer to a sharper mind.

Dr. Perlmutter – like our own Dr. Keerthy Sunder - believes that the function and health of the brain, is highly influenced by the state of health of the gut bacteria. Accordingly, taking care of the bacteria in our gut allows us to build a healthy microbiome. That means reduced inflammation and more balanced immunity.

Dietary supplements can be used to help us achieve balance in our bodies. Here are our specific suggestions for supplements that can address symptoms related to brain fog.

The 6 Best Brain Fog Supplements

  1. Phosphatidylserine (PS)

Phosphatidylserine is an effective supplement for regeneration of nerve cell membranes and myelin (fatty white substance). When taken, phosphatidylserine crosses the blood-brain barrier, and reverses biochemical alterations and structural deterioration in nerve cells. Phosphatidylserine supports cognitive functions such as:  

  • ability to communicate
  • ability to create new memories
  • ability to focus attention and concentrate
  • ability to learn and recall information
  • ability to reason and solve problems
  • ability to retrieve memories
  • consolidation of long-term memory
  • language skills
  • rapid reactions and reflexes
  • short-term memory


  1. Acetyl-L-Carnitine (ALCAR)

Acetyl L-Carnitine is a beneficial brain booster and memory enhancer. According to recent medical research, this ingredient has been found to improve mental energy levels while also keeping the brain healthy as we age. It is also a powerful preventer of Alzheimer’s and other types of memory loss. ALCAR is a natural dietary supplement derived from L-Carnitine, a protein supplement used by athletes.

  1. Essential fatty acids

Essential fatty acids, particularly the omega-3 fatty acids, are required for brain development during the whole life cycle. In fact, imbalance in diet or low levels of fatty acids are responsible for many cases of impaired brain performance and brain disease. Why is this? Medical researchers have discovered that the human brain is nearly 60% fat. Fatty acids are some of the most essential molecules in the determination of the brain's integrity and its ability to perform. So, essential fatty acids are needed for maintenance of optimal health. Since they cannot be synthesized by the body, essential fatty acids must be taken from dietary sources.

  1. B6 vitamin

According to the latest research findings, people 55+ with higher blood levels of vitamin B6 have better memory. In the brain, B Vitamins have high turnover rates, ranging from 8%-100% per day and need to be replaced in order to assure peak brain performance. Good levels of B vitamins actually contribute to high brain levels of concentration!

NOTE HERE: Vitamin B6 supplements taken alone or combined with vitamin B12 are not effective in the improvement of cognitive function for those who already experienced dementia.

  1. Digestive enzymes

Digestive enzymes are naturally produced by the pancreas to help your body break down proteins, fats, and carbs. However, since people are prone to eating an excessive amount of these foods, your body needs help in this process. Additional obstacles to healthy digestion include food allergies, inflammation in the digestive tract, age, and your emotional state. Each of these factors can influence the amount of digestive enzymes you’re producing. Supplements can provide you with the enzymes you need to properly breakdown your food. Probiotics and digestive enzymes can decrease psychological distress and improve mood.

  1. Magnesium

If you struggle to recall vital information, experience brain fog, or can’t seem to learn new information as you once could, magnesium deficiency can be at fault. Magnesium is a vital mineral with numerous benefits to your brain and body. For example, magnesium is highly effective for the improvement of cognitive factors, such as memory, learning, recall, cognition, and brain fog reduction. Magnesium can also address insomnia and reduce symptoms of depression.

A Brain Fog Supplement that Works: Brain Tune

You can find all of these supplements in one formula.

DoctorSunder's Brain Tune is the life’s work of our friend and mentor, Dr. Keerthy Sunder. Dr. Sunder has synthesized his decades of work as a psychiatrist and OBGYN physician to create the Brain Tune. It has 25+ ingredients…and has been made to specifically address brain fog.

Here’s what people are saying:

  • I was worried I was starting to lose my memory. It turns out that I wasn’t getting the nutrients I need to support my brain. Brain Tune has helped me get balance again.

  • A few months ago, I could not imagine the clarity I’m experiencing now. Brain Tune really helps me keep my mind sharp!

  • If you want to double or triple your brain power, be more focused and more productive, supercharge your energy and find joy, Dr. Sunder is the man to help you. He will take your game to a whole New Level.
  • Your life can be different when you start a DoctorSunder's Brain Tune habit!

    Q: Can supplements cure brain fog?

    A: YES! We won’t be surprised if you experience drastic changes in your day. Expect to feel:

    • Clearer thinking
    • Increased focus
    • Sharper memory

    But don’t take our word for it.



    Treating Brain Fog for Good

    You may not be ready just yet for an all-in-one solution. What else can you do to address brain fog? Here, we’ve outlined 4 steps to getting rid of brain fog for good. Here’s how you can address the physical nature of brain fog via lifestyle change.

      1. Achieve brain-gut balance. Nutritionists and medical experts have found that prebiotics (nutrition for gut bacteria) are a significant helpful channel to alter gut bacteria. Thousands of different research have proven the correlation between a healthy/unhealthy gut and the brain. For this matter, medical experts are even thinking about including sport activities because of their beneficial effects on digestion and gut bacteria.

      2. Get at least 30 minutes of exercise a day.

      3. Eat foods that support your brain. Avoid foods that trigger inflammation.

      4. Nurture good sleep hygiene. Get adequate REM sleep every night.

    Additionally, you can address the inner dimension of brain fog. Meditate for mind-body balance. It is not called a brain for nothing. Confusion, imbalance and lack of clarity can be the result of very high brain frequencies that are close to disturbance. Meditation is a proven practice that helps create low brain frequencies and has been shown as quite effective in silencing the noise in your head. Staying still in a quiet surrounding and practicing focus in the present moment can help you eliminate the negative thought that go round and round in your head and participate in the development of brain fog.

    A Life Without Brain Fog

    Is it possible to get rid of brain fog?


    You can live a life full of joy and new experiences while feeling your best. In fact, you deserve it!

    In this article, we’ve tried to illuminate you on the subject of brain fog and the ways to eliminate it from your life. If you feel like some of your questions remain unanswered, please post them in the designated section below. We would love to hear your thoughts and personal experiences with brain fog.

    Or, if you’d like to send a message to Dr. Keerthy Sunder directly, you can reach him on his email at: EMAIL. We do our best to respond to each real-life message with a personal and prompt response.

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