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Honey Tea Benefits

March 20, 2018

Honey Tea Benefits

By Dr. Keerthy Sunder

The Origins of Tea

Tea is considered to be one of the most widely consumed, oldest drinks in the world. The origins of this drink are rooted in ancient times, during the rule of the Chinese Emperor, Shen Nung.

According to legend, the emperor was drinking a cup of boiled water in his garden. After several leaves fell into the pot, Sheng Nung had the chance to taste the drink for the first time. He found tea to be much better than the usual daily ritual of drinking boiled water. The Chinese emperor grew fond of tea and ordered his servants to start planting and growing the leaves ... and that's how the world was first introduced to tea!

From then until to today, tea has remained one of the most popular beverages across cultures. Apart from the good taste, tea has many health benefits. But when you mix tea with honey, those benefits are multiplied!

Keep reading to find out more about the benefits of tea and honey. Then, we invite your questions at the end. We ask you post them in the section at the end of the page. We try to respond to all real-life questions personally and promptly.

What Is Honey Tea Good For?

Honey is a pure, unfiltered and unpasteurized sweetener made by bees from the nectar of flowers. This natural sweetener can help people restore their energy, improve their sleeping quality, and protect them from seasonal allergies. Replacing white table sugar with raw honey may even help you lose weight. Here are the benefits of people's all-time favorite natural sweeteners today:

1. Honey is antibacterial.

One of the best reasons to add honey to your tea is that it protects you from diseases and seasonal flu. What honey actually does is acting as an antibacterial agent to many illnesses. This power is known to Eastern Medicine. Contrary to conventional antibiotics that eliminate all the good and bad bacteria from your body, honey is able to differentiate between the two, providing targeted treatment to bacterial illness. However honey is a natural remedy, and you should always check with your doctor or health care practitioner before using it in replacement of modern medicine.

2. Honey is rich with B vitamins.

In case you are a vegetarian, there is a great chance that your body is missing some essential B vitamins and amino acids that are usually found in animal proteins. Wondering how you can compensate this deficiency? Honey is the answer. Honey is rich with many B vitamins. In fact it's recently been noted as the richest source of protein on the planet! B vitamins are essential for energy, so make sure you add honey in your tea.

3. Tea and honey boosts your immune system.

Our grandmas gave us tea with honey when we were sick because they knew that this combination would boost our immune system and make us stronger. Honey's antiviral and antifungal abilities can beat even the toughest colds and flues. Mixing one tablespoon into a warm cup of tea can help you feel better right away. Drinking tea with honey on a regular basis will keep common colds at bay and prevent you from getting sick very often.

4. Honey is good for the stomach.

If you are frequently struggling with painful stomach cramps, honey can help you ease this problem. Among his many health benefits honey is also known to be a remedy for an upset stomach. The only thing you need to do is add honey to your warm cup of tea and you've already created your healing tonic. Try it several times when you experience stomach problems and you'll see that it works like magic.

5. Honey is rich with antioxidants.

Antioxidants are immunity-boosting, free-radical-fighting agents that guard us from getting sick, developing chronic diseases, aging too quickly. Honey is full with antioxidants. If you're busy and want to stay healthy, adding a little bit of honey to your morning tea or hot beverage is a strategic way to get your daily dose of antioxidants—even when you're rushing.

6. Honey can help you with seasonal allergies.

Allergic to pollen, trees, grass, or other outdoor elements? Honey can help you! If you buy organic honey, it will help you alleviate your allergies from the inside out, allowing you to build natural tolerance to them. Adding a tablespoon of honey to your daily cup of tea is a perfect way to beat the allergies. With regular consumption, you'll start noticing changes in your symptoms.

7. Honey relieves sore throat pain.

Sore throats can be very annoying, especially if they tend to repeat and last for a longer period of time. Regardless of why a sore throat appears, honey is a great way to ease the pain. Adding a few teaspoons to your favorite cup of tea will provide much relief.

Honey Tea Benefits

Are you making the most of the nutritional and medicinal properties of honey? If not, then it's time to begin doing so!
Honey is a remarkable healing agent for all sorts of health challenges. People have been using honey for its antibacterial and antifungal properties during ancient times. Honey adds nutrition and wellness to your life. It contains:

  • amino acids
  • minerals (calcium, iron, sodium chlorine, magnesium, phosphate, and potassium)
  • trace enzymes 
  • vitamins

Wondering how to double the effects of honey?

Here is a honey blend that can help you go the extra mile!

The Brain Tune Honey Love blend is unique raw honey enriched with turmeric, cinnamon and ginger. It is the life's work of our friend and mentor, Dr. Keerthy Sunder, MD who has synthesized his work as a psychiatrist and OBGYN to create the highest quality line of Brain Tune Nutraceuticals.

Honey Love is made especially with love and devotion for your brain health. It contains:

  • Organic, wild-sourced turmeric
  • True Ceylon cinnamon
  • Organic ginger powder
  • Raw, wild-sourced thistle honey
  • 100% natural and unprocessed Canadian prairie honey

Dr. Sunder found that this synergistic mix can double or triple the positive benefits for your overall brain function and structure.

We all know that we could use less processed sugar.
Honey Love is the best sweetener on the planet!
Why not start adding a healthy sweetness in your life?

Is Honey Tea Good For You?

Yes, honey tea is good for you.

Honey team has been used for centuries. Because honey is a healthier choice, many people these days are replacing white sugar with honey in tea as a sweetener.


Honey has shown significant therapeutic properties in the treatment of digestive, respiratory, cardiac and rheumatic disorders. Several scientific studies referenced at the end of this article have reported the following beneficial properties of honey. Honey has been found to be:

  • Analgesic
  • Antibacterial
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Antipyretic
  • Immunological
  • Wound healing

Natural honey is a great source of carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals. It sweetens tea without adding any preservatives to the drink. When you add honey to green tea, it also reduces the effect on your insulin and glucose levels. Different varieties of honey can be mixed with different types of tea, not just for their health benefits, but also for a better taste.

They say that everything in the universe goes in pairs; we think of thinks as "the perfect match", or "the perfect combination". Bonnie and Clyde, Batman and Cat Woman, Romeo and Juliet, are all representatives of the perfect match.

So are tea and honey.

Honey with Hot Water: A Good or Bad Idea?

It is OK to add honey to warm water.

You should NEVER add honey to boiling water.

Honey is an extremely powerful medicine with antibacterial, anti-oxidant, anti-viral properties. It is an excellent natural remedy during colds, helps clearing sinuses and eases severe problems with cough. While warm water suits honey fine, any temperature that exceeds 42 degrees, destroys all the important medicinal molecular structure of honey. When you add honey to boiling water the honey in your tea becomes indigestible and toxic.

RECCOMENDATION: If you ever add honey to a hot drink such as tea, or a lemon drink wait for the water/tea to cool until it gets warm, rather than boiling hot, and then add the honey. If you can sip the drink and hold it in your mouth without getting burned, it's time to add honey.

The Benefits of Tea and Honey: Your Questions

Raw honey has numerous health benefits. Moreover it is an excellent choice for a variety of different health problems.

In this article, we've tried to cover the most important benefits of honey for your health. But you may have some more questions. And... we want to hear from you! What other foods and drinks do you use honey for? Have you experienced the health benefits of honey yet?

Let us know in the comments section below and we'll do our best to respond personally and promptly to all legitimate questions.

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