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How to Improve Your Memory? Do Supplements Help?

January 05, 2018

How to Improve Your Memory? Do Supplements Help?

By Dr. Keerthy Sunder

Can Supplements Improve Memory?

Memory supplements work by improving your focus and clarity. What you might be wondering at this point is... how?

How do memory supplements work in the brain?
Memory supplements work by improving neuroplasticity. To be more exact, supplements change the levels of hormones, neurotransmitters, or enzymes available to the brain. The end result is:

  • increased clarity
  • increased alertness
  • better mood

In this article, we review foods that can help improve memory. Then, we present the top 5 supplements to improve memory. Finally, we present the ultimate memory booster supplement that can help you reach full brain potential. Your questions are welcomed at the end!


"People can always learn new ideas and new skills, but not because we are tapping into some unused part of the brain - what's actually happening is that we are forming new or stronger connections between nerve cells".
-Dr Eric H. Chudler
Neuroscientist at the University of Washington

"The best way to 'consolidate a memory' is to go through the information just before going to sleep. This is because there are fewer 'new' interfering memories so you will remember it better the next day".
-Dr. Andrew K. Johnson
Neurosurgeon in Marietta, Georgia

Age-Related Changes to Memory

The body and the mind both go through the process of change with age. The intensity with which you have lived life leaves a mark on your overall health and mental abilities around the period of middle age.

What actually happens to the brain is multiple points of change, including:

1. A sudden decrease in the levels of oxygen and glucose. A reduction in the blood flow is an expected outcome due to natural aging.
2. A sudden drop in neurotransmitter levels. The number of chemical messengers in the brain naturally decreases with age due to stress, or the use of prescription drugs. At a certain point, this decrease negatively affects mental clarity and alertness.
3. Lack of specific brain nutrients. Lifestyle choices, poor nutrition, alcohol, toxins, and free radical damage deplete your brain's natural storehouse of beneficial nutrients.

In sum, normal aging leads to nutritional deficits that directly impact the function of memory in the brain. How can you counteract the effects of time?
First, you can change your diet.

7 Foods to Improve Memory

Neuroscientists have discovered that memory loss is connected to damage of the blood vessels. The cause?
Bad food choices.
The buildup of cholesterol plaques in brain blood vessels can damage brain tissue, either through small blockages that cause silent strokes, or a larger, more catastrophic stroke. Either way, brain cells are deprived of the oxygen-rich blood they need to function normally, which can compromise thinking and memory.

The secret to maintaining good brain health is "nutrition selection". In order to keep your mind sharp, you need to take responsibility for everything that enters your mouth. Since food has a lot to do with your brain health, make sure these 7 foods become an inseparable element of your daily diet:

  1. Avocados
  2. Blueberries
  3. Broccoli
  4. Coconut Oil
  5. Green, Leafy Vegetables
  6. Salmon
  7. Tumeric 

Supplements to Improve Memory

With so many brain supplements to choose from, what is the best option for memory improvement?

First, you should know that every person's brain and body is different. So, the first thing you should do is visit your doctor and run some tests to determine which nutrients you lack. With a doctor's help, you can choose a formula that combines many of the ingredients your brain lacks.

(We'll offer you one memory formula that's already worked for us toward the end of the article. Keep reading below.)

Top 5 Memory Supplements

The following supplements are highly correlated with memory improvements:

#1: Benfotiamine

What is it? Benfotiamine is a synthetic S-acyl derivative of thiamine. The consumption of benfotiamine raises the levels of thiamine and guards you against health conditions associated with low thiamine levels. This antioxidative supplement has shown promise in the treatment of Alzheimer's disease.

Benefits for memory: Benfotiamine has been shown effective in enhancing memory and delaying the progression of Alzheimer's disease.

#2: DHA

What is it? Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) is a polyunsaturated fatty acid in the brain with an important role in many neurological functions. The consumption of DHA affects positively many centers in the brain, especially cognition. Since a modern diet and eating habits lacks DHA, experts recommend that you maintain optimal levels of DHA via supplements.

Benefits for memory: Keeping your DHA levels where they need to be protects your brain from cognitive degeneration. In fact, brain regions most closely related to memory show the greatest DHA concentrations.

#3: Sodium

What is it? Sodium is an alkali metal and plays a key role in the function of all the cells in the body. In fact, sodium acts as an electrolyte. Too much or too little sodium in the blood can cause problems with the nerves in your brain. In higher concentrations that normal sodium makes you irritable and lethargic. The lack of sodium in the body results with headaches and confusion.

Benefits for memory: Sodium is an electrolyte that transmit nerve signals electrical signals throughout the body. In the brain, salt is used as a stimulant to encourage the brain to make new memories. That is one reason why short-term memory can be impaired when salt is restricted.

#4: Potassium

What is it? Potassium is a mineral that plays several important functions for the brain. This mineral is known to play a significant role in the basic functions of nerve cells. Neuroscientists also use the term "electrolyte" for potassium since this mineral carries a tiny electrical charge (potential). Potassium isn't produced naturally by the body. This is why you should consume the right balance of potassium-rich foods and supplements.

Benefits for memory: Potassium improves your cognitive capacity. This mineral is vital for transmitting information throughout your brain. When brain cells receive a signal, channels open in the membrane of the cell, releasing potassium. When communication between these channels is broken, your ability to remember information becomes difficult. It is possible to boost memory by taking in potassium through food or supplements, however you need to be careful with the doses.

#5: ALA

What is it? Alpha-lipoic acid (ALA) is an antioxidant used in the treatment of diabetes and nerve-related symptoms of diabetes including numbness in the legs and arms. This supplement is beneficial for the prevention of specific kinds of cell damage in the body. But its usefulness goes even beyond. This antioxidant restores levels of vitamin E and vitamin C.

Benefits for memory: According to many studies performed on humans and animals it has been shown that Alpha-lipoic acid is effective in slowing Alzheimer's disease. Moreover, this supplement reduces the levels of free radicals, and reduces oxidative stress and inflammation.

Best Supplement for Memory and Focus

We'd like to introduce an all-in-one solution for memory:
DoctorSunder's Brain Tune.
The Brain Tune is a daily brain supplement that can improve your mental focus, concentration, and memory today... . and for years to come.

Available in powder form, this natural supplement for memory is a combination of 25 carefully selected vitamins minerals and probiotics. It is a product created after 20+ years of Dr. Keerthy Sunder's medical experience. As a Physician trained in Obstetrics and Psychiatry, Dr. Sunder applies his understanding of Integrative neuroscience to this unique shake.

Clinically tested, DoctorSunder's Brain Tune formula supports the brain's:

  • full cognitive performance
  • healthy brain function 
  • strong memory 
  • vitality and energy

... these are the top priorities of Brain Tune.

Try it and enjoy a healthy and productive life.

But don't take our word for it! Try it for FREE! Dr. Sunder stands behind his product so much that he offers you a 30-DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.
To recap, a mental health professional has hand-picked ingredients for a brain memory supplement from his medical experience. His formula includes 25 super nutrient ingredients. You can try the product for free.
Why wait?

You deserve nothing less.

Signs of Severe Memory Loss

To this day, brain supplements cannot reverse memory loss caused by brain disease. So, be on the lookout for signs of a real memory problem. Signs of severe memory loss that require the medical expertise of a doctor include:

  • Being unable to recall a thought during a conversation.
  • Difficulties in taking care of monthly bills.
  • Frequently making poor judgments and decisions.
  • Losing track of the date or time of year.
  • Misplacing things often and being unable to find them.

Questions @ Memory Improvement

We hope to have answered your main questions about memory improvement supplements. If you have any comments or questions about the use of supplements for memory, you can post them in the section below. We work to provide all our readers with personal and prompt answers to all legitimate inquiries.

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