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Supplements for Nerves | Can You Calm Down Naturally?

March 06, 2018

Supplements for Nerves | Can You Calm Down Naturally?

By Dr. Keerthy Sunder

Calming Your Nerves Naturally

Yes, you can calm down the nerves naturally. In fact, you can avoid anxiety medication treatments altogether... and achieve mental ease.

In this article, we'll introduce the specific supplements essential for nerve support. We also explain how supplements can "fill the nutritional gap" in order for your brain to perform at its best. Finally, we invite your feedback in the comments section at the end. We try to provide all our readers with a personal and prompt response. So, please connect with us!

Supplements for Nerves and Anxiety

The need for supplements to address anxiety stems from the chronic state of stress. Prolonged anxiety keeps the brain trapped in a loop, unable to find a solution to the problem. It's not so much about what chronic stress does to the nervous system, but what continuous activation of the nervous system does to other organs.

In truth, stress exhausts the body's energy resources.


Stress trigger physical reactions via the sympathetic nervous system, sending signals to all the organs in the body. It "commands" the body to start working faster in order to produce the extra energy needed for "flight or fight". This is OK in the short-term. But over time, stress begins to cause damage to the entire body.

Diet can calm your nerves.
But DoctorSunder's Brain Tune can bring your peace of mind!
Nerve supplements work on a physical level.
Keep reading for more!

Evidence-based, natural methods that can help you reduce anxiety and calm your nerves include:

  1. Good sleep of at least 7-8 hours per night.
  2. Proper relaxation, including meditation. 
  3. Correct nutrition. 

In truth, proper nervous system functioning relies on the adequate consumption of essential nutrients. Next, we'll take a look at how vitamins and mineral support the health of your nervous system.

 What the Experts Say

According to some neuroscientists at the University of California, Berkeley, chronic stress triggers long-term changes in brain structure and function. In fact, middle age mental problems might just be the result of chronic stress exposure during your early life!

Why are Vitamins Important for a Healthy Nervous System?

Vitamins are critical to the healthy operation of the nervous system. Deficiencies of certain vitamins result in:

  • altered moods 
  • chemical imbalances 
  • oxidative damage 
  • reduced cognition
  • reduced memory 
  • shrinkage of the brain

How does the amazing nervous system work?

The human body is governed by the central nervous system: your brain and your spinal cord. When activated, the nervous system facilitates a process of physical reactions that communicate experiences, thoughts, feelings, and movements to the rest of the body via a network of organs, cells, and neurons.
Without the central nervous system, not a single electrical signal
from the brain would reach other parts of your body.

We can compare the central nervous system to a tree trunk. The leaves, branches, and roots need the trunk to communicate. Similarly, we cannot function without healthy nerves or electric signal communication. That's how essential the central nervous system is to existence.

What Vitamin Helps Calm the Nerves?

There is one group of vitamins that is excellent for your nerves: The B Vitamins. Vitamin deficiency is one of the possible causes of nerve damage. Getting the proper doses of these vitamins will also help ease tension, reduce anxiety, and contribute to overall good health.

Let's talk first about Vitamin B6. Vitamin B6 has been known to help people reach a state of calm and decrease their levels of anxiety. And according to one promising study on monkeys, vitamin B6 may even have positive effects on serotonin levels.

However, you have to be careful with possibly toxic pyridoxine intake when it comes to Vitamin B6. High doses of vitamin B6 can contribute to nerve damage and neurological disorders. If you use any kind of vitamin B6 supplementation ensure you're not going over the recommended daily amount. The maximum recommended daily dose of Vitamin B6 for adults is 100mg.

Vitamin B12 and the Nerves

Another vitamin is known to support healthy nerves: Vitamin B12.

First, Vitamin B12 is essential for creating healthy covering or lining of the nerves called the "myelin sheath". A diet deficient or insufficient in vitamin B12 may cause problems with the myelin, actually a fatty white substance that surrounds the axon of some nerve cells. This can affect the entire function of the nervous system. Additionally, Vitamin B12 is necessary to help the body eliminate homocysteine, a substance that is associated with stroke and cardiovascular disease.

B12 supplementation can be very useful as we age. Deficiency of vitamin B12 at any age is responsible for nervous system disorders such as degenerative disorder of the spinal cord and nerve damage. The end result of this impairments can lead to dementia and Alzheimer's. What's scary is that people in their middle age are highly susceptible to vitamin B12 deficiency caused by their inability to absorb it the same way they used to when they were younger. Reduced stomach acid is usually the reason that leads to reduced absorption of vitamin B12.

The solution?

A multi-ingredient supplement formula like Dr. Sunder's Brain Tune.

The Brain Tune has 25+ ingredients... and has been made to specifically address anxiety.

Here's what people are saying:

  • I was constantly ruminating on things out of my control. It turns out that I wasn't getting the nutrients I need to support my brain. Brain Tune has helped me get balance again and fee more peaceful.
  • A few months ago, I could not imagine the way I feel today. Brain Tune has helped me achieve a feeling of inner calm. And, I feel alert at the same time!
  • If you want to combine the science of Eastern traditions with Western medicine, Dr. Sunder is the man to help you. The Brain Tune has helped me increase my Emotional IQ... by double!

Let's look at some additional vitamins DoctorSunder's Brain Tune contains.

In addition to B Vitamins, these vitamins are ESSENTIAL for any supplement that targets the nerves.

The 5 Best Vitamins for the Nervous System

#1: Vitamin C

Although most people use vitamin C as an immune system booster, latest medical research has discovered multiple other benefits that this vitamin has for the brain. For example, vitamin C plays an important part in the levels of dopamine. The lack of dopamine in the central nervous system increases the risk of diseases such as Parkinson's disease. Make sure you include enough vitamin C in your diet to help your nervous system naturally produce dopamine.

#2: Vitamin D3

This vitamin is one of the key micronutrients needed for human survival. Vitamin D3 prevents the oxidative damage to nervous tissue. According to clinical research, vitamin D deficiency can lead to an increased risk of diseases of the central nervous system such as schizophrenia and multiple sclerosis. While the sun is the main source of vitamin D, any lack of this vitamin can be compensated for by supplementation.

#3: Vitamin E

Vitamin E is essential for normal neurological function. It is also one of the major antioxidants in the body. The role of vitamin E is to protect the integrity of membranes by inhibiting lipid peroxidation. During this process what actually happens is that the free radicals "steal" electrons from the lipids in cell membranes and damage the cells in your brain. Vitamin E is one of the guardians of the central nervous system and its function.

#4: Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin)

Back to B Vitamins again. This water soluble vitamin plays an important part in your body because it converts fats, carbohydrates, and proteins into energy. Vitamin B2 also participates in the process of transportation chain that produces cellular energy. Additionally, riboflavin helps prevents the brain from ant oxidative stress and slows the aging process.

#5: Vitamin B9 (Folic Acid)

This vitamin is necessary to activate the absorption of the B12. Folic Acid contributes to better blood circulation and restores the health of nerves. The entire suite of B Vitamins play a strong role in the nervous system. Studies indicate that supplementing B vitamins can really improve your outlook on anxiety!

The Best Supplement for Nerves

One supplement contains all the vitamins and mineral you need for your nerves: DoctorSunder's Brain Tune.

The Brain Tune was designed by a medical doctor called Dr. Keerthy Sunder who has spent years in clinical practice as a psychiatrist. His significant work in neurofeedback and with the mind-body connection led him to one conclusion: Most of us are operating with nutritional deficits. As a result, our brains don't function as well as they could!

To help his patients and friends, Dr. Sunder selected 25 ingredients with the highest benefits to the brain. He created the Brain Tune.

As a supplement for nerves, the Brain Tune is superior!


First, it's scientifically formulated. Backed by thousands of hours of research and testing, Brain Tune was made by an expert in neuroscience and brain health. 

Second, it is a formula that guarantees brain health & mental clarity. DoctorSunder's Brain Tune is a powerful brain supplement, made up from 25 essential vitamins, minerals and enzymes that directly affect multiple brain systems at the same time. This enhances the brain's ability to retain facts, maintain attention, and reach mental peace and balance. But what's even better is that the Brain Tune comes with a 30 day money-back guarantee. If you don't love the results, return the bottle - even if it's empty - and you'll get a 100% refund.

Finally, just 1 glass servings a day can change your life. We believe that if you feed your brain with what it needs, you will be able to enhance your mental clarity, reduce stress and even slow down mental aging. Simply take one (1) daily dose of the shake for at least 30 days, and start witnessing the difference in your life.

Supplements for Nerves Questions

There has been an increasing concern among doctors and medical researchers about diet-related brain disorders in the U.S. According to a recent medical study, diets high in sugar impact the brain's insulin receptors, while inflicting damages on learning and memory skills. Plus, the quality of foods we consume - and their toxins - can cause vitamin deficiency or toxic overload.

A supplement for healthy nerves can prevent this!

Do you still have questions about how supplements work? Feel free to post your questions about nerve supplements in the comments section at the end. If you have any questions regarding nutrition for nerves you can also post them below. We try to provide a personal and prompt answer to all legitimate inquiries.

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