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Brain Tune Honey Love *with Organic Turmeric, Ginger & Ceylon Cinnamon


Health Benefits of Honey

Did you know that honey is an ancient remedy for many illnesses? But it also a modern nutrition health superpower. In fact, today’s research honey has shown that honey can be used as:

  • An anticarcinogenic agent.
  • Anti-inflammatory treatment.
  • A treatment to reduce plaque in the arteries.
  • A way to reduce blood clots.
  • An immune modulating nutrient.
  • A painkiller.

… among other functions.

So how does honey perform its charms?

It certainly does not rely only on its main ingredients. Honey is a source of many vitamins, minerals amino acids and enzymes. People were able to still taste the sweetness they’desired, only now instead of sugar, they’v replaced it with a much healthier alternative.

What Honey to Buy

Ready to treat your mind and body with a powerfully healthy honey?

We present to you our new product, Honey Love.

If you ever thought that honey can’t get any better, we are here to convince you otherwise. Honey Love has been created to help you detoxify your body and safeguard your physical and mental health. Honey Love contains:

  • Organic Turmeric
  • Organic Ginger Powder
  • True Ceylon Cinnamon

This 100% natural and unprocessed Canadian prairie honey comes from premium, raw wild thistle wilderness.

Plus, it’s been designed for a purpose. So, why this exact mix of ingredients? Basically, when you mix honey in a specific, you multiply the therapeutic benefits.

Add Cinnamon = This mixture has been known to help address many different health conditions, including arthritis, high cholesterol, bladder infections, poor digestion or digestion problems, heart disease, influenza, skin infections, and even cancer.
Add Turmeric = This powerhouse combo provides an abundance of nutrients and together is one of the best healers known to main. Turmeric contains many active ingredients which have biological effect to human body, and when mixed with honey can promote wound healing, improve digestion, heal stomach ulcer, strengthen ligaments, protect kidneys, heal liver disease, treat asthma and even aid in the prevention of cancer and Alzheimer’s disease.
Add Ginger = When you mix honey with ginger, some of the health benefits include treating and reducing the effects of asthma, and a relief of cough, cold, sore throat and runny nose. Ginger and honey stimulate antioxidant enzymes that reduce cancer growth and metastasis, but have also been linked to reducing nausea and vomiting linked to chemotherapy.

Which Honey is Best for You?

We suggest that Honey Love is the best kind of honey for you!


1. It’s raw.

Raw honey is sourced from hives are set in a natural, clean, non-industrial areas with access to clean water. Unlike other brands, raw honey has no added substances or additives such as sugar, corn syrup, or sweeteners. So, at the end, the benefits of raw honey surpass those of physical benefits for human health [linkto: Health Benefits of Honey] and extend to include the wellbeing of honeybees, other animals, and the whole ecosystem.

2. It contains spices that enhance health benefits.

Not only is our raw honey is a natural source of magnesium, potassium, and B vitamins…it’s got extra health benefits or targeted aryuvedic spices! The synergistic mix of organic, wild-sourced turmeric, cinnamon, and ginger is packed with antioxidants to help detoxify your body and sharpen your mind.

3. It’s been created by a medical doctor.

Honey Love is the culmination of the decades of medical experience of our mentor, Dr. Keerthy Sunder. Through his work as double boarded physician-psychiatrist, Dr. Sunder found a way to combine cutting-edge science with ancient eastern wellness techniques.

The result of his study is Honey Love, a honey supplement product different from others on the market. In fact, Honey Love is not an ordinary honey. This product is the only honey on the market which contains pinocembrin – a type of flavonoid – connected to improved brain performance. Honey also contains pinostrobin and chrysin, two other disease fighting antioxidants.

Is Honey Good for You?


Honey is the only insect-derived natural product with proven therapeutic, traditional, spiritual, nutritional, cosmetic, and industrial benefits. It is also one of the oldest sweeteners on earth.

Honey Love has many benefits for your brain and body. The long list of benefits includes:

  • enhanced immune system
  • improved digestion
  • improved sleeping quality
  • improved wound care
  • lowered levels of heart disease
  • minimized seasonal allergies
  • reduced blood cholesterol
  • reduced risk of obesity
  • reduced skin infections
  • regulated levels of blood sugar

Treat your mind to some of the world's finest wild-sourced super-foods!

Your brain and body will thank you for it!

Honey vs. Sugar

Honey is better for you than refined sugar.

Now, not all types of sugar are bad for you. In fact, it’s necessary that you intake sugar. Glucose is the main source of food that the brain uses to function. However, rising consumption of refined sugars such as high fructose corn syrup (one of the worst forms of processed sugar) has been linked to numerous health conditions.

How is honey different?

About 96% of all types of honey consist of the two simple sugars:

  1. Fructose
  2. Glucose

While it may seem that honey and sugar are the same on the outside…they certainly are not when you dig a little deeper.

In addition to having excellent nutritional value, honey is a good source of physiologically active natural compounds, such as polyphenols, vitamins, minerals, and amino acids that act as a main energy source and fuel for our brains. But honey doesn’t only feed our brain...it can also improve and protect our brain function.

How does it work?

Our brains are highly susceptible to oxidative damage due to high oxygen demand, as well as to the high amount of polyunsaturated fatty acids in the neuronal membranes. Honey works by helping the brain rid itself from oxidative stress. The neuroprotective effects of polyphenols and flavonoids from honey love involves the following activities:

  • Attenuation of neuroinflammation.
  • Promotion of memory, learning, and cognitive function.
  • Protection against oxidative challenge.
  • Protection against neurotoxin-induced neuronal injury.

Honey has an undeniable neuroprotective and nootropic effects. Adding a spoonful of Honey Love to your tea, toast, cereal, yogurt, milk... will provide protection to your brain. Plus, Honey Love has a taste of heavenly sweetness.

What Honey is Good for You?

Honey Love!

Honey has numerous health benefits. And taking it daily offers you a quick and healthy source of energy. But, whether honey will work with all of its supplemental values depends on the honey itself. The main health benefits come from raw honey only.

Raw honey contains:

  • Antioxidants
  • Enzymes
  • Minerals
  • Phytonutrients
  • Vitamins

…and other health components that you just won’t find in commercial honey. Most types of honey are pasteurized, filtered, and have additives. These honeys are heavily processed and may even be chemically refined. Plus, chemical processes actually destroy the benefits of most commercial honeys. Excessive heat destroys the natural enzymes, vitamins and minerals in honey, and filtering and processing eliminates many of the beneficial phytonutrients, including pollen and enzyme-rich propolis.

What’s more, most honeys that are sold in stores may be sourced from bees that are treated with antibiotics! Bees are typically given winter nourishment in the form of sugar or a low-cost syrup or hives may be made of non-organic materials or painted with toxic dyes.

You won’t be facing any of these problems with Honey Love. It’s a raw honey! For a brand to be allowed to use the "raw" label, strict requirements must be met. There are strict controls of the living environment, the hives, honey bee’s health, the process of honey extraction, filtering, packaging, and transport.

Honey Love has met them all!

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