With over 20 years of experience, Leading Double-Boarded Psychiatrist and Chief Medical Officer of New Day Psychotherapy Group and SUNDERMD & Associates, P.C, Dr. Keerthy Sunder, M.D. is committed to providing you with the most innovative and comprehensive treatment available. Dr. Sunder’s exciting approach to integrated psychiatry seeks to forge an empowering and collaborative patient experience rooted in advanced, scientifically proven modalities. Our dedicated and caring team of practitioners will work with you to customize a tailor-made plan that will specifically address your personalized goals and needs. We believe it’s time for a paradigm shift in psychiatry. Simply being “not depressed” or “not anxious” is no longer a high enough ideal to shoot for. We can do better. Happiness, fulfillment and thriving through everyday life should be the goal. Integrative psychiatry addresses the power of the mind and the chemistry of the brain to deliver powerful and optimized results. Our psychiatry team proudly delivers care at the intersection of science, tradition and compassion and we welcome you on your journey towards a sound mind and body.